No.512 2016.09.05-2016.09.09

That’s not very special.

A: Sally is so sweet. I want to give her a special gift.

B: How about a card?

A: That’s not very special.

B: How about a coffee cup?

A: That’s not very special.

B: How about a box of chocolates?

A: That’s not very special, either.

B: I know! How about a diamond ring?

A: A diamond ring! That’s too special!

Q1:How much does this table ____________________?
A. buy B. cost C. sound D. make

Q2:Are there any apartments ___________ rent in this building?
A. in B. on C. for D. of

September 5,6 / Small Talk
Today, Tomorrow and Time
Answer it!
What is on your schedule today?

Conversation A

Linda: Good morning, Alex.

Alex: Hi, Linda. Let's go bowling* this

week. We can invite other people, too.

Linda: OK. I like bowling. When?

Alex: Let's pick* a day. How about

Tuesday night?

Linda: No, I’m busy.

Alex: OK. Is Thursday night good?

Linda: No. How about Friday?

Alex: I'm busy on Friday. Can you go on

Saturday afternoon?

Linda: Yes. That's a great time.

September 7,8 / School
Time for School!
Answer it!
What grade are you in?