1. Of course you can have some cake. Please _________.
        eat right    fix it    help yourself    work out

    2. David went to the _________ to wash his hands.
        sink    shower    doctor    cereal

    3. Karen's room is always very ________ .
        single    neat    tired    back

    4. Can't Jeff turn down the TV while I'm studying? He's being very
        awesome    inconsiderate    emotional    obvious

    5. Our resort offers a wide ________ of amenities for every type of traveler.
        array    trend    investment    luxury

    6. If you've got time this afternoon, please _______ my office.
        drop out    drop down    drop with    drop by

    7. After sitting on a plane for eight hours, John's legs _______ stiff.
        was    are    will    were

    8. Authorities are concerned about the __________ spread of avian flu in rural areas.     rampant    nutritious    blithe    listless

    9. The value of our company's stock _______ in the last quarter.
        frolicked    chaperoned    nosedived    spawned

    10. I really enjoyed Mark’s _______________. He’s such an eloquent speaker.
        presentation    presented    present    presenter