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Excuse Me!
Gordon Jump

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  It’s 3 o’clock. James is 40 minutes late! Susie and Taylor can’t begin their meeting without him. Taylor is not pleased*. And Susie is getting mad*. Taylor can phone* him.

  Taylor and Susie are waiting in the Jungle Café. Taylor is reading a menu. She isn’t listening to Susie. Taylor says, “Excuse me?” And Susie repeats* her sentence.


Conversation A

(in the office)

James: Excuse me, Tina. What time is it?

Tina:     Oh, hi, James. It’s 3 o’clock.

James: It’s three already! I’m late!

Tina:     Where are you going?

James: I’m going to the Jungle Café. I’m meeting Susie and Taylor.

Tina:     How late are you?

James: About 40 minutes.

Tina:     Oh, no. They’re probably not pleased*.


Conversation B

(in the Jungle Café)

Susie:   Where is James? We can’t begin our meeting without him.

Taylor:  Excuse me? Sorry, Susie. Can you repeat* that?

Susie:   Where’s James?

Taylor:  Oh. I don’t know. Maybe he’s at the office.

Susie:   He’s very late. Can you phone* him?

Taylor:  Yes, I have my phone.

Susie:   Good. I’m getting a little mad*.



  1. Where is James?

  2. How can James apologize to Susie and Taylor?

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