Sample Lesson
Holiday Time!
Ruth Devlin

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  Valentine’s* Day is February 14. People mail or give cards to friends or loved ones. The cards usually have hearts* on them. People write sweet messages on the cards. People also send roses* or other lovely* flowers to people they love. Sometimes they send chocolates or candy, too. It’s fun to share* on Valentine’s Day!


Conversation A

(in the office)

Taylor: Hi, Tina. You look happy.

Tina:    I am happy, Taylor! It’s Valentine’s* Day.

Taylor: I know. I sent Valentine’s Day cards to some of my friends.

Tina:    I did, too. And look! My husband sent me some roses*.

Taylor: Those are beautiful. Did he send you chocolates, too?

Tina:    No, but I bought some for him.

Taylor: Well, maybe he’ll share*!


Conversation B

Tina:    I see some lovely* flowers on your desk, too.

Taylor: Yes. I got them this morning.

Tina:    Who are they from?

Taylor: I don’t know. But there was a card with a heart* in the flowers.

Tina:    What did it say?

Taylor: Roses are red, violets are blue. Flowers are nice, and so are you.

Tina:    Ah, that’s so sweet!

Taylor: But who sent them?

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