Sample Lesson
Dragon Boat Festival
Joseph Calpin

Dragon Boat Festival is a fun summer holiday. It is an important Chinese holiday, too. On the holiday, people enjoy watching dragon boats race on the river. Teams of usually 22 people sit in a dragon boat. Twenty of them paddle. One person at the back steers the boat.
Another person is the drummer. He or she sits in the front and beats a drum. This helps the team paddle together and keeps them focused.

Conversation A
(by the river)
Susie: Alex, are you competing in the Dragon Boat Festival race today?
Alex: Yes. I didn’t compete last year, but I joined a team this year.
Susie: Are you excited to race in a dragon boat?
Alex: Of course! And my team is going to win.
Susie: You sound very confi dent.
Alex: I am! But I’m not going to paddle.
Susie: Why not? Will you steer the boat?

Conversation B
Alex: No, I’m the drummer. I sit in the front of the boat.
Susie: And you beat a drum? How does that help your team?
Alex: The drum helps the team paddle together. And it keeps them focused.
Susie: That’s good. A team must work together.
Alex: I know.
Susie: Well, be careful on the river.
Alex: We will. Now watch us win the race!


1. What will Alex do on the dragon boat?
2. Do you want to race in a dragon boat?
Why or why not?

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