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June 1, 2
  Taiwan Cycling Festival
Join the ride!
  by Linda M. Chung


What better way to see Taiwan’s magnificent scenery than by bike! During September, October and November, the Taiwan Cycling Festival provides ample opportunity to bike in beautiful fall weather. The Festival’s activities satisfy every level of biker, from beginner to professional.


0K Taiwan – Taichung Biking Festival

  Taichung kicks off the festival with a wide range of biking events for foreign and local visitors. Their aim is to showcase Taichung’s cycling culture as Taichung has been a key player in the global bicycle industry. Besides various rides and family activities, vendors will display new products and offer great bargains. The festival truly has something for everyone.


Taiwan KOM Challenge

  The Taiwan King of the Mountain (KOM) Challenge draws professional cyclists from around the world. It’s considered one of the most difficult (and beautiful) uphill routes to cycle. It begins on the coast near Hualien and cuts through the gorgeous landscape of the Taroko Gorge. Cyclists then begin the strenuous climb up Hehuan Mountain to Wuling, the peak of Taiwan’s highest passable road. Bikers go from sea level to a height of 3,275 meters. Amazing!


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