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November 26, 27, 28
  Escape Rooms
Join the fun, solve the mystery, and escape the room!
  by Pamela Osment


I love a good mystery and have always wanted the chance to play detective! Recently I had my opportunity. Some friends and I accepted the challenge of solving the mystery of Blackbeard’s Cabin, a popular escape room. The room took its name from a famous pirate of the early 18th century.

  Our guide, Jack the Pirate, led us into a room that looked like the inside of a ship’s cabin. He told us our goal was to find the key that would open Blackbeard’s treasure chest and unlock the room’s door. He informed us that the room contained clues, puzzles and other elements to help us.

  After a few basic instructions, Jack flipped over an hourglass. We had until all the sand reached the bottom to complete our search and solve the mystery. Before leaving us, Jack reminded our team not to forget the room’s theme as we searched. He then exited and locked the door behind him. We immediately began searching the escape room for anything that looked unique or might provide a clue.


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