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September 25, 26
  Life Skills
  Avoid Overcommitment
Set yourself up for success by not taking on too much
  過度承諾 低度實踐?!
  避免過重負荷 為成功做準備
  by Elizabeth Sunshine


Have you ever agreed to do something only to find out later that you don’t have time? Are you constantly stressed from rushing from one assignment to another? If so, you may have a problem with overcommitment.

Overcommitment happens when you decide to do more things than you realistically have time to do. When this happens, the quality of your work suffers. Your quality of life also suffers because overcommitment leaves you less time to take care of yourself. It’s preferable to do one or two things well than to do 10 things poorly – or worse, to back out once you’ve agreed to something.

Time management coach Elizabeth Saunders suggests creating a budget for your time like you do with money. The total amount of time you have each day equals 24 hours minus the time you need for basic wellness activities. These include things like sleeping, eating and showering. Saunders suggests adding up your time commitments to other people and the time needed to meet your personal goals. If that total is greater than the amount of time you have each day, you have a problem.


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