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1,500人線上鬥陣Run for love!

1,500 Run for Love Online

基督教救助協會為籌募「1919陪讀計畫」弱勢家庭兒少課後陪讀經費,連續第8年與空中英語教室及TRAVELER旅行者合作,共同舉辦2021「Let’s Run-空英1919陪讀路跑」。今年因為疫情首度改為線上進行,自9/21到9/30舉辦為期10天的線上路跑,有1500位愛心勇腳持續相挺。10/1晚上的線上音樂會直播有天韻合唱團精彩的演出,以及總計500位得獎名單公佈。

《空中英語教室》創辦人彭蒙惠老師現身表示,今天是一個特別的日子,我們可以在線上與全世界的朋友相見。今年第八年舉辦「Let’s Run-空英1919陪讀路跑」,我很高興也參加了8年。盼望各位好朋友繼續一起支持「1919陪讀計畫」,幫助需要的小朋友及家庭,讓我們「Run for love!」。

救助協會秘書長夏忠堅表達萬分感謝,非常謝謝你很有勇氣的來報名參加「Let’s Run-空英1919陪讀路跑」,也很謝謝你很有創意參加創意性的活動,也很謝謝各位關心陪讀班弱勢的孩子,願上帝賜福你,願你愛心洋溢、平安喜樂。


Over 1,500 people ran online for the 2021 Let’s Run charity run, which took place at 8 pm each night from 9/21 to 9/30. This year’s run concluded with a Live concert on 10/1 by Heavenly Melody; over 500 people watched the concert.

Studio Classroom Founder Dr. Doris Brougham shared: “I am thrilled to attend Let’s Run charity runs for the past 8 years. Thank you, friends for joining our run online this year and hope you continue to run with us next year to support these kids in need.”

James Shia, Secretary-General of the Chinese Christian Relief Association, thanked participants: “Thank you for attending our event, which was held in a creative way due to the pandemic this year. Thank you for caring for these kids in need. May God bless you with His love, joy and peace.”

Now in its 8th year, Let’s Run is an annual run jointly sponsored by Studio Classroom, the Chinese Christian Relief Association (CCRA), and Traveler, to raise funds for CCRA’s 1919 after school classes for kids from low-income families. Since 2004, 1919 have provided free after school classes for kids from low-income families around the island. These classes teach English, the arts, character education, and provide free meals. Over 55,000 kids attended these classes in the past 17 years. This year’s run supported 2,500 kids.

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