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Advanced FAQs

Who reads Advanced magazine?

Advanced readers are business professionals, managers, college and high school students, and those seeking superior English language proficiency.

What's the level of Advanced?

Advanced is meant for advanced students of English. Readers need about a 5,000-word vocabulary to understand it.

Who should study Advanced?

Advanced should be read by learners with superior English who want to improve their English comprehension of a wide variety of topics. People who study Advanced usually have a good grasp of English and want to continue to learn vocabulary that will allow them to read and discuss topics at a deeper level.

Why doesn't Advanced have its own television program?

Many students have asked us this question! Some day in the future we hope to have an Advanced TV program. In January 2005 we launched a special video feature for the web, called "Topic Talks." Each month's article has four video clips of different teachers. These brief presentations provide some English teaching for those who don't have time to listen to the radio. The clips also enhance the learning experience for those who do listen to the Advanced radio program. Summaries of the articles will be offered, plus vocabulary reviews, and also commentaries from guests.

How do you choose articles for Advanced?

Each month our editorial team scans a variety of contemporary news and lifestyle magazines looking for suitable content to reprint. Since Advanced's motto is "Your Window on the World," we aim to give readers a monthly glimpse into the events and issues most relevant in our world today. We try to choose articles that have an Asian focus. We also choose content that we hope will have a positive effect on contemporary Asian society.