Sample Lesson
Table Tennis Is Fun!
Maria Chiu, Manya Cramer

Many people play table tennis. People also call it ping pong. A table tennis table has a net in the middle. You need a ping pong ball, a friend and some paddles. Hold up the ball and hit it with your paddle. The ball goes over the net. Then your friend hits it back to you. It can move quickly! So sometimes you miss the ball.


Conversation A

(in the office)

Megan: Hi, James! Can you play table tennis?

James: Of course! Ping pong is a fun game.

Megan: I have a new ping pong table and some paddles.

James: Great! Do you have ping pong balls?

Megan: Yes, I do. I have a lot!

James: Can we play sometime?

Megan: Sure! But I can’t hit the ball over the net very well.


Conversation B

James: You have to play more. You need practice.

Megan: I do. The ball can move quickly.

James: I know. I miss it sometimes. It goes off the table!

Megan: Or it hits the net in the middle of the table.

James: So we both need practice!

Megan: Come over to my house after work. We can play.

James: OK!



  1. What does Megan have?

2. Are you good at table tennis?