Sample Lesson
Ask ChatGPT
善用 ChatGPT
Manya Cramer

ChatGPT is a smart computer program. Ask ChatGPT questions, and it produces answers like a real person. There are many ways to use ChatGPT. Do you want to write a story, a song or a speech? Ask ChatGPT for ideas. Are you interested in learning a language? Have a conversation in that language with ChatGPT! Even though ChatGPT is only a program, it’s a helpful and easy tool to use.


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What is Susie doing?


Conversation A

(in the studio)

Susie:   Ah, I give up!

Greg:    What’s wrong, Susie?

Susie:   I’m writing a song, but it’s not going well.

Greg:    That’s hard. But don’t give up.

Susie:   Thanks, Greg.

Greg:    Do you know about ChatGPT?

Susie:   I know the name. Why do you ask?

Greg:    It’s a computer program. Maybe you can use it to help you.

Susie:   With my song?

Greg:    Yes! ChatGPT is a great tool.


Conversation B

Susie:   Tell me more about ChatGPT.

Greg:    You can ask questions on ChatGPT, and it produces answers.

Susie:   Even though it’s not a real person?

Greg:   Right. But it sounds like one.

Susie:   How does this help with writing a song?

Greg:    You can ask ChatGPT for some ideas for your song.

Susie:   And it will give me some?

Greg:    Yes, it will. Let me show you. It’s easy.




1. How can Susie use ChatGPT to help her with her song?

2. Do you use ChatGPT? How?