Sample Lesson
Let's Go Hiking!
Maria Chiu

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity to do with friends or family. On a hiking trail, you can enjoy nature. You may see colorful flowers and birds. You might see wild animals such as deer, squirrels, snakes or even a bear! Many people like to hike mountain and river trails. They may hike a long way just to get to a cliff or waterfall. The scenery is always beautiful, so don’t forget to take pictures as you hike!


Find It

What wild animals did James see on his hike?


Conversation A

(in the Jungle Café)

Sara:      I saw some pictures on your Instagram of you and your friends hiking.

James:  That hike was so much fun.

Sara:      I can tell! Where did you guys go on your hike?

James:  We went to Evergreen Mountain.

Sara:      That’s a great choice! It’s nice to hike there this time of the year.

James:  It was wonderful! The weather was nice. And of course, the scenery was beautiful.


Conversation B

Sara:      Hiking is a great outdoor activity.

James:  It is. Who doesn’t enjoy nature on hiking trails?

Sara:      I enjoy seeing colorful flowers and birds as I hike.

James:  I enjoy cliffs and waterfalls. Even if I have to hike a long way to get to them.

Sara:      Did you see any wild animals on your hike?

James:  Yes. I saw a few squirrels, a snake and a deer.


1. How did Sara know about James’ hike?

2. Do you like to hike? Why or why not?