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Workshop Application

We at Studio Classroom welcome the opportunity to hold a workshop for you and the other English teachers at your school. Workshops are usually two to three hours long. To arrange for a workshop in your area, you must send us a workshop application. Please review the criteria below to see if your school can hold one of our workshops.

Criteria for Hosting a Studio Classroom Workshop:

  • Your school must subscribe to a minimum of 500 copies per month of Studio Classroom or Let's Talk in English.
  • You need to invite a minimum of 50 teachers.
  • Please invite all other English teachers in your city to the seminar.
  • You must obtain permission from your local education department.
  • You must agree to issue a certificate of credit to each participant who attends.
  • Cost : NT$1,600 per hour, per presenter
    Mainland China workshop costs are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Workshop Application 英語研習申請表

  • Chinese Name 中文姓名:
  • English Name 英文姓名:
  • Work phone 辦公室電話:
  • Mobile Phone 手機電話:
  • Fax 傳真:
  • Home phone 家庭電話:
  • E-mail address 電子郵件:
  • School Affiliation 服務學校:
  • Address 通訊地址:
  • Has your school ever had a workshop with Studio Classroomtrainers?
    Yes 是 No 否
    If so, when? 若是,何時?
    What was the topic? 講題為?
  • Do most junior/senior high school English teachers in your city have weekly study sessions?
    Yes 是   No 否
    If yes, when? 若是,時間為?
  • When would your school like to have a workshop?