What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport?
The biathlon
Ski jumping
Figure skating
Downhill skiing
The snowball fight

Pass Codes You Can’t Forget

Hackers might not be a problem anymore with these unbreakable passwords

Conquering The Last Frontier

For those seeking adventure, winter is the perfect time to visit Alaska

Making the Impossible Possible

One organization uses 3-D printers to make prostheses for people with missing limbs

An Air-raising Adventure

Not sure if sky diving is for you? Now you can try it—without the risk!

Nerd Power

The author of best-selling novel The Fault in Our Stars creates a passionate fan base

From Farmworkers to Farm Owners

A new cooperative aids Latino farmers who aspire to become farm owners

NEWSworthy Clips

African elephants can understand some human gestures; a coalition has launched a fund to fight coffee rust; and a new technique could heal your teeth painlessly

It’s All About the Bicycles

Gear for cyclists is made attractive; commuting to work on your bicycle; and the best
places to cycle in Washington state

Improving on Perfection

Diamonds have always been strong, but now they might be truly unbreakable

The Art of Doing Everything

In today’s crazy and distracting world, do you find it hard to be productive?

The Clever Animal Kingdom

We’ve always known animals are smart, but here are some more reasons to be impressed!

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