What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport?
The biathlon
Ski jumping
Figure skating
Downhill skiing
The snowball fight

Wise Words From a Tech Expert

Does anyone know what will happen next in the world of technology?

The State of Our Oceans

Some American states are fighting to make the struggles of the world’s oceans known

Top 10 Iconic Foods

Maybe you can travel the world and sample some of these tasty treats

Sailing Through Life’s Storms

A Taiwanese man overcomes his struggles and builds a yachting empire

Uncovered Secrets

The DNA of millions of organisms is found in the strangest of places: teeth!

Blending Work and Play

Boring days at work are a thing of the past at this unique company

Where Has All the Milk Gone?

Drinking milk at mealtime is no longer the ritual it once was

NEWSworthy Clips

Bears in Yosemite Park are eating less human food than usual; Neil Young wants to take music back to its beginnings, and smartphones may soon be able to create 3-D maps

Fun in the Sun

If you dream of a beach escape, there’s an activity here for you!

The Mystery of the Baby Sea Turtles

Scientists answer some of the questions surrounding young sea turtles

What’s Up With WhatsApp?

Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp makes some investors shake their heads

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