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June 13 , 14
  Travel the World Virtually
Leave home without leaving home
  by Linda Ludwig




2024 MAY 13, 14

Level: High


Travel the World Virtually

By Linda Ludwig


Leave home without leaving home



Have you ever longed to take a trip, but you just don’t have the time or the financial resources? If so, consider touring via virtual reality (VR), which has embraced tourism with open arms. This innovative technology is reshaping the way people experience destinations by breaking down geographical barriers and providing unique journeys. An AI tour is cost-effective and allows you to see the world without leaving the comfort of your living room.


  You might argue that you don’t have a VR headset, but no matter. Two travel styles are available: monoscopic and stereoscopic. Monoscopic VR videos can be viewed on a mobile phone or a computer. By clicking on or dragging across the screen to rotate the field of view, you are able to explore an entire area. Stereoscopic VR videos use VR headsets that make you feel as if you were actually present at a destination. The software in the headsets tracks your head movement, so by just turning your head, you can explore each new scene in a more realistic way. No matter which method you choose to “travel,” these virtual travel experiences aim to give you a credible experience.


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