Who We Are 關於我們

Studio Classroom publishes three monthly magazines: Let's Talk in English, Studio Classroom and Advanced. Each magazine provides practical, interesting articles to help readers improve their English skills. Radio and/or television programs accompany each article and air Monday through Saturday. The radio programs are also available on Super MP3 and on the Internet.

Our Beginning & Growth

Studio Classroom magazine began in 1962 as a single-page lesson sheet with an accompanying radio program. It was an immediate success. Soon the lessons sheets became magazines of several different levels. By 1981, there were just two magazines: Studio Classroom, which contained Basic and Advanced levels, and Let's Talk in English, a magazine designed specifically for learners wanting to improve their English conversation skills. The lively radio programs along with the interesting content of the magazines led Studio Classroom and Let's Talk in English to become Taiwan's most popular ways of learning English.

In 2001, Advanced split from Studio Classroom and became a separate magazine. The three magazines and their accompanying radio programs continue to provide listeners with quality English education.

When television came to Taiwan, Studio Classroom began to produce programs to use the medium to teach English. Such programs as Globe Theatre, Around the World in English, Wonderful Street, Wonderful Castle, and Good Morning Today introduced English to a large audience. In 1997, Studio Classroom began a daily TV version of its popular radio program, Studio Classroom. In 2000, Let's Talk in English began a television broadcast in partnership with Taiwan's Public Television Station (PTS).

Our Present

Let's Talk in English is the most popular English-teaching magazine in Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing. In 1999, it was the only English magazine recommended by the Government Information Office for teaching English in Taiwan's junior high schools. Today, Let's Talk remains the best tool for learning everyday English.

Studio Classroom is the second most popular English-teaching magazine in Taiwan. The magazine and accompanying radio and TV programs have won numerous awards over the years, including Taiwan's famous Golden Bell and Golden Tripod Awards. Studio Classroom is distributed and broadcast in Mainland China, the U.S. Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A station in Kazakhstan broadcasts Studio Classroom throughout the Central Asia and the Middle East. Via the Internet, Studio Classroom programs are available worldwide.

Advanced contains material at the highest English level of the three magazines. It is most suitable for university students and business professionals. Advanced articles cover a wide range of topics. Most are reprinted from international magazines providing Advanced readers with a "Window on the World." In 2004 Advanced won Taiwan's Golden Tripod Award for excellence in the language learning magazine category. Studio Classroom has prepared English-teaching CD-ROMs for Taiwan since 1993 and has created them for Japanese students since in 1996. In 2001, a Korean version of Let's Talk television program in English began.

Our Plan for the Future

We know that competence in English is necessary for success in the international arena. It is our goal to continue expanding Let's Talk in English, Studio Classroom, and Advanced's availability worldwide to all learners of English.