Teaching Service 教學服務

Workshops Offered

We at Studio Classroom welcome the opportunity to hold a workshop for the English teachers at your school! We believe in the communicative style of English teaching. We find that using the communicative style in our classrooms motivates students and makes them more confident speaking English.

In a communicative classroom environment:

  • The classroom is student-centered.
  • Students practice speaking English in the classroom.
  • Students do most of the talking.
  • The teacher speaks English as much as possible.
  • Chinese is used only when necessary.
  • Activities and games are used.
  • Learning English is fun!
  • Through active participation, students better retain what they learn.
  • Teaching becomes more enjoyable for the teacher .

By attending one of our workshops,
you will gain a solid understanding of the communicative style of teaching.
In our teacher workshops our teacher trainers will:

  • Introduce the communicative style of teaching English
  • Demonstrate several interactive English activities and games
  • Train teachers how to use our magazines in their classrooms
  • Provide teaching tips and sample lesson plans
  • Address frequently asked questions

Studio Classroom teachers also speak each November at the annual English Teacher's Association conference in Taipei. To find out more about these activities, please contact us.