Teaching Service 教學服務

What We Teach

At Studio Classroom we offer you more than just English teaching magazines. We also want to help you use our material effectively. Our goal is to help you help your students make the most of their English learning experience while learning at a faster pace. We also want you as a teacher to be more comfortable and confident using our magazines in your English classes.

We believe in the communicative style of English teaching. We find that using the communicative style motivates students and makes them more confident when speaking English.

In a communicative classroom environment:

  • The classroom is student-centered.
  • Students practice speaking English in the classroom.
  • Students do most of the talking.
  • The teacher speaks English as much as possible.
  • Chinese is used only when necessary.
  • Activities and games are used.
  • Learning English is fun!
  • Through active participation, students better retain what they learn.
  • Teaching becomes more enjoyable for the teacher .