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FAQs for Teachers Using

Q:What's the level of Advanced?

Advanced is meant for advanced students of English. Readers need about a 5000-word vocabulary to understand it.

Q:How can I use Advanced in the classroom?

The best way to use Advanced in the classroom is in a discussion or conversation format. You can create questions that require the students to remember facts from the article. You can also make up questions that are more open-ended and ask students to express their opinions.

When more information about the topic is desired, go to the Advanced website. There you’ll find our Topic Talks—video clips from our team, available only online!

Q:How is the content for Advanced selected?

We look for topics that can provide a positive influence on the society as well as having vocabulary that you can use. From our first reading of the article to the recording of the radio program, we consider the overall impact each article has in helping you improve your English—and your life.

Q:Where does the content come from?

We reprint articles from famous publications such as the Chicago Tribune, USA Today and Fast Company. Occasionally, one of our own staff of editors will supply a special report about an interesting event.

Q:Who should study Advanced ?

Anyone who wants to read up-to-date material drawn from international sources on a variety of topics should study Advanced. Reading Advanced is not only a way to improve your English but also a way to keep current on a variety of interesting people and events in the world.

Q:What is the philosophy behind Advanced as a magazine?

Recognizing that English has become the language of international communication, Advanced exists not only to help you improve your English but also to help you learn more about the world. Above all, we want to communicate a wholesome worldview that can help you experience a good life.

Q:What can I find in an Advanced article?

The content of Advanced is edited and designed for teaching English as a second language, but you will find the articles engaging, too. We choose topics related to travel, business, people, entertainment and much more.

Q:What is in an Advanced radio program?

Advanced radio programs, available daily via radio and the Internet, have teams of three or four native English speakers. They talk about the vocabulary and concepts presented. You can also hear a slow, accurate reading of the article to strengthen your listening and pronunciation skills.